Video is one of the most intuitive information. The location of the traffic police patrol car during patrol, the surrounding road conditions, traffic conditions and other information can be transmitted back to the traffic command center through the wireless video server; it can be converted into a basis for unified command in time, and it is also a traffic accident. The basis for on-site law enforcement and effective supervision to prevent violations of laws and disciplines; in order to solve the need for front-end vehicle-mounted images to be transmitted back to the monitoring center in time; 4G wireless EVDO/WCDMA video servers are widely used. CR102SW wireless positioning car video system is a good choice. Car hard disk video + 4G wireless video transmission equipment, two functions in one, high technology integration.

Local video recording function of vehicle-mounted hard disk: Record live video information from patrol departure to shift rest; not only people in the car can watch it in the car, but also people in the monitoring center can query and download video remotely through wireless channels.

Wireless video transmission function: The system can transmit 4G wireless EVDO/WCDMA video, clear and smooth, and multiple channels can be transmitted at the same time; let the personnel of the monitoring center know the whole patrol law enforcement process in time or the scenes inside and outside the car.

4G wireless EVDO/WCDMA video server, using Unicom’s WCDMA network card or Telecom’s EVDO network card, can transmit multiple channels of clear and continuous video instead of a single still picture. In this way, the personnel on duty in the monitoring center can see timely videos through the Internet; leaders can also watch videos on the Internet via mobile phones, and guide the rescue and relief work on the spot in time anytime, anywhere.

2. Schematic diagram of the monitoring system

Monitoring front end:

Car police PTZ + wireless car hard disk video recorder   local video viewing and control function in the car; the use of car display and control keyboard, so that the police officer can control the car camera azimuth and perspective in the car. The car can be watched in real time, and can be recorded and captured for evidence. It can record real-time all-weather, video CIF/D1 optional, clear and smooth.

The license plate number, alarm signal and other information are also uploaded wirelessly to the monitoring center, and the information and real-time video can be seen on the system center management platform.

At the same time, the wireless Internet access channel of the wireless video server in the car uploads the video to the command center for people in the command center to watch and store. Location information and video data are stored in association with each other at the same time!

Traffic Command Center:

The commander can watch the front-end real-time video through the PC network; also can display on the large screen of the TV wall through the decoder; can also access the system through the mobile phone wirelessly, and watch it on the mobile phone, even if they are on a business trip, they can also know what happened on the spot Everything is convenient for experts to remotely guide and coordinate! You can also see the scene of emergency traffic jams or major accidents in time to understand the handling of the local scene!

Video can be watched and stored locally; it can also be stored, replayed, retrieved, and downloaded remotely over a remote network.

Wireless channel transmission video is clear and coherent, single-card CIF video is generally about 12-20 frames!

3. System features

Real-time video viewing and control of PTZ in the car

24-hour local hard disk video recording, 1 full real-time D1 (720*576) image

Inquiry and playback of hard disk video files on the OSD monitor in the car

The command center is connected to the network to watch the video/audio transmitted wirelessly, and understand traffic information such as road conditions

Open law enforcement, increase law enforcement transparency, and enhance the image of the team

Command center can capture, distributed storage of video, etc.

Video and audio wireless simultaneous transmission

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