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About Dual-spectrum PTZ camera

The high-definition fog-through long-distance dual-spectrum integrated PTZ camera is an optoelectronic product specially designed for special applications. 360° omnidirectional precision network heavy-duty PTZ, the farthest can achieve all-weather video surveillance over 1KM-5KM day and night.

The visible light camera outputs full-color images during the day. The thermal imaging component can perform image processing and temperature measurement calculations for 24 hours. The internal industrial-grade embedded control electronic system can realize the zoom, focus and video switching of the visible light imaging system and the infrared thermal imaging system , PTZ pitch/rotation high stability control. The whole machine has IP66 protection grade, solid structure and fully sealed, and the surface is anti-oxidation and anti-salt spray spraying. Remote defrosting and anti-fogging function, good waterproof and high and low temperature resistance, can work around the clock regardless of various harsh environments.

Introduction of Laser night vision camera

Laser night vision camera technology is different from thermal infrared imaging technology and low-light night vision technology. Thermal infrared imaging technology can only see the thermal contours of people and objects, but cannot see the true face of the object. Low-light-level night vision technology requires a certain amount of moonlight, starlight and ambient light to see objects. If there is no light, nothing can be seen. Although the target can be seen with the aid of infrared light, it can not overcome the infrared light storm, cannot observe in concealment, and easily exposes the target by itself. The image is interfered by light waves, and it cannot achieve the same visual effect and clarity as a black light night vision camera. degree. Compared with infrared lighting and low-light night vision, laser night vision camera is the only night vision camera product that can directly observe people and objects from the monitor like daytime without using visible light at night. Laser night vision

(1) Automatic pyrotechnic recognition intelligent image processor can automatically detect fires in the monitoring area using pyrotechnic recognition algorithms, find open and hidden fires the first time, and transmit the detection results to the monitoring center through the network transmission system . After a disaster, you can also monitor whether the hidden fire is completely extinguished.

(2) Real-time video monitoring The system realizes real-time video monitoring of the monitoring area, and the front-end real-time scene can be displayed on the display terminal of the monitoring center.

(3) PTZ control The intelligent image processor can control the PTZ to rotate 360 degrees and monitor the monitoring area from multiple angles.

(4) The video recording system administrator can specify the frame rate, encoding quality, recording space size, and recording trigger mode of the recording channel according to requirements. The system can automatically manage disk space and perform recording tasks.

(5) The map guide marks the precise location of the front-end intelligent image processor installation. And in the event of a fire, it can roughly guide the direction and point of the fire.

(6) Log information The running log generated by the front-end intelligent image processor is sent to the monitoring center server. Real-time log information is displayed on the monitoring center server, and alarms are given according to configuration requirements. The user can query the log history and video recording according to the input conditions.

(7) Modularity and flexibility are fully considered in the design of the forest fire protection intelligent analysis system for extended functions and system integration. The monitoring center, front-end communication and monitoring center database management all have software development kits, and the monitoring center server can also be customized to develop and integrate other manufacturers' equipment or expand system business functions. Integrators can integrate front-end equipment into their systems. Integrated high-speed pan/tilt camera Laser high-speed pan/tilt camera is a combination of high-definition color camera, universal variable speed pan/tilt, multi-function decoder, character overlay, alarm input/output, and night infrared lighting. It can be arbitrarily quickly positioned and continuously tracked and scanned, and can be monitored in all directions without blind spots; it can automatically adapt to the changes in the environment and the distance of the target; it adopts full digital control, and the design is exquisite and simple, which minimizes the connection between system components It not only improves the reliability of the system but also facilitates installation and maintenance. Driven by a precision stepping motor, it runs smoothly, is sensitive and has precise positioning. And has multiple intelligent functions such as left and right scanning, pattern scanning, fixed-point cruise, privacy masking, and linkage alarm.

The laser pan/tilt lighting part adopts a new laser infrared array technology, which has high brightness, long irradiation distance, long life, and uniform light field distribution, so that the night vision function and effect of the laser pan/tilt are greatly improved.

The development of patrol robot

Soar's integrated patrol robot plays an important role in the current anti-epidemic work.

The robot is equipped with a multispectral PTZ camera on the top of the mast. This arrangement of PTZ cameras allows scanning of the thermal spectrum and visible light spectrum of the surrounding area.

Infrared thermal image monitoring can reliably detect people and cars at night when there is almost no artificial lighting or no artificial lighting at all.

The visible spectrum camera is a starlight-level camera that can work very well in low-light environments and form high-resolution images. The onboard computer processes the video images from the thermal imager and the visible range camera. It provides PTZ camera control, manual detection and tracking.

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